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Water emergency can be very stressful and traumatic experience for anyone. The best thing to do when the disaster occurs is to call for professional help and let them do the job for you. Houston Restoration Services is an organization with the 22 years of experience that has handled thousands of emergencies.

Here’s the deal:

Our experts will meet every challenge with dedication and professionalism. They will clean up water easy and fast providing the best solution for your home or office. We will do everything to minimize the damage.

But, there is also several things you need to know when disaster happens, so you can act immediately. Here are few tips for dealing with every critical situation.

1 Call for help

The most important thing to do when you notice flooding is to call for help. Ignoring this problem can cause moisture and mold growth in 24 hours and permanent damage to your furniture in 48 hours. That is why it’s crucial to call water removal Houston company that is available 24/7 and act as fast as possible.

Our company will offer you the best solution for the situation and resolve the problem easy and quickly.

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2Looks can deceive

Water emergency can cause a serious threat to your home, office and even your family. Even if you remove all the moisture from the affected area, that doesn’t mean that damage can’t still occur. Sometimes the water can seep through floor coverings, allowing mold to grow and damaging the structure underneath.

Emergency water extraction Houston company will be able to make appropriate repairs and restore your home or office to its pre-damage state.

3Cut the power

Shut off any breakers that go to the affected area, to cut off the electrical flow. This way you will lessen the chances of electrocution and even more damage. You should also remove lamps or any electrical appliances from the flooded room and set them in a dry place.

4Notify your insurance company

When the dangerous situation happens the important thing is to act quickly and call your insurance company immediately. The agent can start the claim as soon as possible and guide you through the first steps to protect your property from additional damage. Bear in mind, that not all water emergencies are created equally.

You need to be specific whether the claim is for flood or just damage. You might already have a separate policy if you live in the area, where flooding is common.

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Water damage

5Things you can do in the meantime

After you call a professional help, you should try to minimize the damage by drying the affected area. The first thing to do is to shut off the water source. Sop or mop up any visible moisture and remove rugs from carpeting.

Move upholstery, cushions, and books to some dry place. While you are waiting for help, use aluminum foil and put it under the furniture legs. One thing you should not do is to use a household vacuum to remove the water.



Water damage can be very dangerous and expensive if not treated immediately. It can happen anytime without warnings. Preventing it is an essential part of home maintenance.

If you find yourself in some disaster situation, call immediately for help and follow these steps to avoid some additional problems to your home or office. Houston Restoration Services will be there for you anytime you need our help.

Our employees will offer you the best solution and fix every problem with professionalism and dedication. You can always count on us!